Mark Williams and Joe Bonzu have been interviewed on Sun TV for their product | Heroes of the World.

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The Animation Industry | Behind the Scenes

A MUST READ for animators and those interested in the industry overall.

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Kanye West | CUBE BEAR

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VH-1 | Top 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs

VH-1’s Top 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs

100 Biz Markie : Just A Friend
99 Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz ft/ Ying Yang Twins : Get Low
98 Warren G ft. Nate Dogg : Regulate
97 Eve : Who’s that Girl
96 DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince : Parents Just Don’t Understand
95 L’Trimm : Cars With The Boom
94 Master P ft. Sikk, Fiend, Mia-x and Mystical : Make ‘Em Say Ugh
93 N.E.R.D. ft. Lee Harvey and Vida : Lapdance
92 Yo-Yo : Can’t Play with my Yo-Yo
91 Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone : Ridin’
90 Pete Rock & CL Smooth : They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)
89 Cam’ron : Oh Boy
88 Jungle Brothers : What U Waitin’ 4
87 Wyclef Jean ft. Refugee All Stars : We Tryin’ to Stay Alive
86 Heavy D. and the Boyz : Now That We Found Love
85 Black Star : Definition
84 UTFO : Roxanne Roxanne
83 2 Live Crew : Me So Horny
82 Chubb Rock : Treat ‘Em Right
81 PM Dawn : Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
80 Three 6 Mafia ft. Paula Campbell- Hard Out Here For A Pimp
79 DMX : Ruff Ryders’ Anthem (Stop Drop)
78 Arrested Development : Tennessee
77 Cold Crush Brothers : Cold Crush Bros. at the Dixie
76 Big Punisher ft. Joe- Still Not A Player
75 Lil’ Kim ft. Lil’ Cease- Crush on You
74 EPMD : You Gots To Chill
73 Black Sheep : The Choice Is Yours
72 J.J. Fad : Supersonic
71 Whodini : Freaks Come Out at Night
70 3(rd) Bass : Pop Goes the Weasel
69 Common : I Used to Love H.E.R.
68 T.I. : What You Know
67 Mase : Feel So Good
66 House Of Pain : Jump Around
65 Spoonie Gee and The Treacherous Three : Love Rap
64 The Roots : What they Do
63 Kid ‘n Play : Rollin’ With Kid N Play
62 Digable Planets : Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)
61 Slick Rick : Children’s Story
60 L.L. Cool J : I Need Love
59 Ol’ Dirty Bastard : Shimmy Shimmy Ya
58 Ludacris ft. Shawna- What’s Your Fantasy
57 Big Daddy Kane : I Get the Job Done
56 Busta Rhymes : Woo-Ha ! Got You All In Check
55 Terror Squad ft/ Fat Joe and Remy : Lean Back
54 MC Lyte : Cha Cha Cha
53 Lox ft. DMX and Lil’ Kim : Money, Power, Respect
52 Foxy Brown ft. Jay-Z : I’ll Be
51 Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew : The Show
50 Lil’ Wayne : Tha Block Is Hot
49 Boogie Down Productions : My Philosophy
48 Nas : One Love
47 Young MC : Bust A Move
46 De La Soul : Me, Myself, And I
45 Geto Boys : Mind Playing Tricks On Me
44 Method Man ft/ Mary J. Blige : I’ll Be There For You/You’re All I Need to Get By
43 Game, The ft. 50 Cent : Hate It or Love It
42 Roxanne Shante : Roxanne’s Revenge
41 Funky 4 + 1 : That’s the Joint
40 Run-DMC : It’s Like That
39 Tone-Loc : Wild Thing
38 Coolio : Gangsta’s Paradise
37 Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock : It Takes Two
36 Nelly : Hot In Herre
35 Queen Latifah ft. Monie Love : Ladies First
34 Cypress Hill : Insane In The Brain
33 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony : Tha Crossroads
32 Puff Daddy & The Family ft/ Notorious B.I.G., Lil’ Kim and The Lox : It’s All About The Benjamins
31 Kool Moe Dee : How Ya Like Me Now
30 Tribe Called Quest : Check the Rhime
29 Digital Underground : The Humpty Dance
28 Ice Cube : It Was A Good Day
27 Beastie Boys : Hold it Now, Hit it
26 MC Hammer : U Can’t Touch This
25 Fugees : Killing Me Softly
24 Eric B and Rakim : Paid in Full
23 Outkast : B.O.B.
22 Naughty By Nature : OPP
21 Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force- Planet Rock
20 Kanye West ft/ Jamie Foxx : Gold Digger
19 Ice T : Colors
18 50 Cent : In Da Club
17 Sir Mix-A-Lot : Baby Got Back
16 Missy Elliott : Get Ur Freak On
15 Eminem : Stan
14 Tupac : I Get Around
13 Wu-Tang Clan : C.R.E.A.M.
12 L.L. Cool J : I Can’t Live Without My Radio
11 Jay-Z : Hard Knock Life
10 Kurtis Blow : The Breaks
09 Salt-N-Pepa : Push It
08 Snoop Doggy Dogg : Gin and Juice
07 Notorious B.I.G. : Juicy
06 N.W.A. : Straight Outta Compton
05 Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five : The Message
04 Run-DMC ft/ Aerosmith : Walk This Way
03 Dr. Dre : Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thang
02 Sugarhill Gang : Rapper’s Delight
01 Public Enemy : Fight The Power

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Titles For Madagascar | Escape 2 Africa

DUCK's Caliri Designs Titles For Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Director/Animator Jamie Caliri of LA-based production studio DUCK recently designed and animated the 02:18 title sequence for the highly anticipated feature film Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, which opened nationwide November 7th and features the voices of Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and Alec Baldwin.

I Like to Move It, one of four songs from the film's soundtrack created by Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas, moves the action along while the film's whimsical characters shamelessly provide their modern dance interpretations. Each film credit beckons a change in tribal-inspired backdrop and hilarious performance. The animation exhibits an almost 3D appeal, consequently engaging the audience.

Other recent standout work by DUCK includes highly acclaimed efforts for United Airlines, POMx, COX Cable, and opening titles for the short film TreKant directed by DUCK's most recent addition, Kompost.
The Creds:

Prod Company(s): DreamWorks Animation, Pacific Data Images
Director(s): Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath
Producer(s): Mireille Soria, Mark Swift

Film titles: DUCK
Animator: Jamie Caliri
EP: Mark Medernach

Soundtrack: Interscope Records
About DUCK:

Los Angeles-based DUCK, formerly Duck Soup Studios, is a continually evolving creative studio producing commercials, music videos, short films and web content. DUCK offers a wide range of services, including live action and integration, character design, film title design, 2D and 3D animation, digital compositing, digital/traditional ink & paint. In recent years, the studio has expanded, adding an original content division that works with writers and animators on unique ideas for film and TV.

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Nike | Over and Under

Starring | Lebron and Nicole Scherzinger

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Frame Studio | Reel

Frame Studio | Reel


MTV Short Films

Kill Bill | Anime

Oldie, but still good!!!

Russel Peters | Def Comedy Jam 2008

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SaskTel Wireless | Commercial

GOOGLE | Sketchup

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Ad of the Day |11|25|2008

Ad of the Day |11|23|2008

Youtube | Live

Youtube | Live

Britney Spears | Mannequin

I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, this is a nice track!!!

Star Trek | Posters

LA Auto Show | Concept Cars 2008

Check out the L.A. Auto Show Concept Cars >>

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Sonic | Unleashed

Afro Samurai | Beatbox trailer

The Watchmen | New Trailer & Posters

Jay-Z | History

Paint or Die But Love Me Table

This is an amazing concept rendering of a table designed by John Nouanesing.
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Disney + Span of Sunset = ...

Span of Sunset, a premiere vinyl toy purveyor in L.A., worked together with Disney on the Bloc28 Disney Vinyl Toy and matching New Era cap. The release party is taking place on November 12th at the Continental Gallery, where Bloc28 artwork, as well as the toy and cap will be on sale. via High Snobiety

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Ad of the Day |11|09|2008

The 44th President | November 4th 2008

Let's play "Where's Waldo?" with this, though instead of Waldo, can you spot Mr. Barack Obama in this picture? It's a tough one...take your time... LOL

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RockNRolla | Movie Intro [Full]

CLICK HERE >> | RockNRolla | Movie Intro [Full]

Kanye West | Heartless Video

AskKinjo Cellphone | Gas | Traffic Updates

AskKingo launches Canada's first Cellphone Service to quickly find closest gas, traffic updates, other information easy, convenient and free: Dial#KINJO to ease hectic workday headaches.

AskKinjo Inc., Canada's first provider of free and personalized location-based services [LBS] in audio format, today launched it local mobile search service in the Greater Toronto Area, offering mobile phone users a new and convenient way to find information they need while on the go.

Taking its name from the Japanese word for neighbourhood, AskKinjo’s unique technology platform uses a geo-coded system to provide users with the information they need in their vicinity, updated in real-time. The interface is an easy-to-use automated-speech-recognition system (ASR), complemented by text messaging that allows for safe and convenient hands-free use while driving. There are no subscription costs, no data plans, no downloads or system configurations, and the service works with any wireless device regardless of carrier, features or phone functionality. The privacy and security of personal information is ensured thanks to anonymous profiles, separate databases, an extensive validation process and opt-in only setup.

“Everything we do is centred around where you are and who you are to help you save time, money and take the stress out of a busy day,” said AskKinjo CEO Stéphane Attal. “Nothing else provides such customized, relevant and current content to the individual mobile user on demand. And best of all, it’s free and easy to use. The only cost to users is the fees they normally incur to use their mobile phones.”

Simply by dialing #KINJO (#54656), users can access a range of location-relevant services, such as the nearest gas station, or the station with the cheapest gas within five kilometres. An additional feature, called “Tomorrow’s Gas Price Today,” provides the next day’s forecast price of gasoline and diesel every weekday after 5 p.m. This allows drivers to make a more informed purchasing decision and cut fuel costs.

“This service can save drivers a bundle when global events cause volatile fuel prices, such as the rash of hurricanes that have interrupted oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and sent prices at the pump soaring and plunging in the past two weeks,” said Attal.

Dialing #KINJO can also provide mobile phone users with personalized updates on traffic and road conditions along their specific commuting routes. Users can also find the ATMs or parking lots closest to them, saving them the hassle of driving aimlessly around the block.

Additional location-based services for coffee shops, convenience food, restaurants, bars and nightclubs will roll out over the next few weeks.

Users pay nothing for AskKinjo’s services. During the 10 to 12 seconds while their information is being retrieved, they hear a short audio advertisement they can act on, if desired, to take advantage of special promotional offers or to visit the advertiser’s nearest location.

There are no strings attached to dialing #KINJO and taking advantage of the local mobile search services at any time of day for free. However, by registering and creating a free profile at www.AskKinjo.com/register.html, users obtain personalized information, a much faster user interface and more relevant ads. For example, registered users can find a specific brand of product in their vicinity, such as a gas station for which they have a rewards card, or a particular coffee chain, and traffic reports for their regular commuting route.

AskKinjo’s business model is much like television programming, interspersed with commercials. Its revenue comes from the advertisers who pay to run their short audio spots.

“In addition to the ease and convenience for the user, our platform provides a vast new opportunity for advertisers looking to take advantage of an advertising market that’s set to explode,” added Attal. The U.S. mobile advertising market is estimated to grow from around $350 million in 2007 to more than $4 billion by 2011, according to research firm IDC.

AskKinjo has launched its mobile search service in the Greater Toronto Area as the first phase of an aggressive expansion strategy for the North American market that will unfold over the next several years. At present, the service is available in the Greater Toronto Area, a coverage zone that ranges from Whitby to Burlington and from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe.

AskKinjo has secured partnerships with major content providers and the wireless carriers Virgin, Bell Mobility and TELUS; it hopes to add Rogers Wireless in the near future. At present, Rogers and Fido subscribers can access the service by dialing 647-476-6468 in the Greater Toronto Area.

About AskKinjo
AskKinjo was founded in 2006 to deliver a superior customer experience to users in search of relevant location-based information services, and to provide a new channel for advertisers to reach a mobile audience. The company’s patent-pending technology platform integrates context-based advertisements with value-added location-based services delivered free of charge to users. Upon dialing #KINJO, opt-in users are presented with an interactive audio advertisement tied directly to their interests, information request, time and geographical location. Once the ad is heard, the user can listen to the requested content. AskKinjo overcomes the many issues hampering the embryonic mobile-advertising industry, such as little free content, costly platform dependence, difficult human interfaces and privacy concerns.

Media and analysts contact:
Leo Valiquette
inmedia Public Relations Inc.
Tel: 613 234 7227 x226
Email: lvaliquette@inmedia.com

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Barack Obama Wins | Flawless Victory!!!

Part: 1

Part: 2

Disney | Pixars Up Trailer