Happy Tree Friends KA-POW!

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Punch-Out!! Wii Trailer

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George Bush | Shoe Attack

Barack Obama P.C. | Dec 16, 2008

The Princess And The Frog | Trailer

The Princess And The Frog http://teaser-trailer.com

Danko Jones | King Of Magazines

Nick Cross and Dave Cooper!!!!

Danko Jones - King Of Magazines

Fusion Fall | Cinematic

Watch Fusion Fall | Cinematic

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Spanish Fly

Watch Spanish Fly here >>>
...And all the women left are crying.

In the year 21XX, A lone driver roams the post apocalyptic country side striking down the wicked and depraved. The Spanish Fly enters the arena to bring justice and take down the manliest yet the most depraved and wickedest of dudes...El Conquista!!!

This Video was done by the Blackbelt Kids for TEN KENS from Fat Cat Records.

Dir. Kareem Thompson

Art Dir. Peter Auld

Animated by: Louis Norris, and Peter Auld

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The Dark Knight Breaks Blu-Ray Sales Record in One Day

If it wasn’t already expected, Nikki Finke is reporting that The Dark Knight has broken the record for the most Blu-rays sold in just one day of release.

The Dark Knight sold over 600,000 copies on Tuesday alone, while the previous record holder, Paramount’s Iron Man, sold 400,000 Blu-ray copies in one week.

And guess how many copies the film sold on old school DVD? Would you believe 3 million? 7 million copies are expect to be sold by weeks end, making it the best selling release of the year. If I were to guestimate, I would say that the release will have made over $175-$200 million by weeks end.

It took Shrek over four weeks to sell 5.5 million copies on DVD in 2001. The bestselling DVD of last year was Transformers, selling 13.74 million units over the span of two and a half months. Pixar’s Finding Nemo remains the best selling DVD of all time with over 30 million units sold as of last year.

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You may produce the best website designs ever, but getting sign off is always painful. Presenting designs to distant clients and managing their feedback is challenging.

GetSignOff provides a mechanism for presenting your site designs, managing feedback and organising multiple versions of a design.

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Nike | Be the Legend

A promotional video for the 'Nike Ji-Sung PARK' campaign. He is a Soccer player for Manchester United.

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PikaPika | 2008

Lil Jon Mashup

Busta Rhymes | Arab Money

Batman | Arkham Asylum

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Jessica Alba | Campari calendar 2009

Jessica Alba, post baby + Some great Photoshop = WOW


Just saw this movie today, and I really enjoyed it, it was created by the same studio that brought you 'Beyond' from the Animatrix, and 'Have I Got a Story For You' from Batman | Gotham Knight. Below is an AMV of it.

Story "Black and White" by: Taiyō Matsumoto
Directed by: Michael Arias
Animated by: Studio 4°C

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The Simpsons | Mapple Store

If you don't get the joke when the guy throws the mallet into the large projection of 'Steve Mobs' you should watch "Pirates of Silicon Valley" the tv movie about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. LOL.

Here's the clip from "Pirates of Silicon Valley" about 32 seconds in.