W.I.P. - Simmie Woodz - MYSPACE

This is a conceptual MYSPACE page for up and coming recording artist "Simmie Woodz". Still workin' on it, and it's a rough mock up design. Some elements will be animated, the top portion will be "Flash" based. Thought I would share what I have thus far, feedback is appreciated.

Credits: Michael Dedrick and Veronica Hufana


St John Street said...

It's lookin very ill Mike I always knew you were a good designer great look, I hope yo've been well an the summer was good to you would love to hear all about the west coast an all the fun you had stay fresh as ever an thanks for the kind wirds just havin fun Peace


Dirty Dre said...

You're working on stuff for my girl Simmie!? MAN small world!!
tell home girl to put her bredjren Anubis on the album XD hahaha

lokking fresh M-Cat

Andre Barnwell said...

sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick. Keep em bangin

Andrew said...

Niiiice, Mike. Very pro. You two make a good team.