Family Dog - Part 1

This is the 1st time, I ever heard about Brad Bird, then he caught my attention again when Iron Giant came out. It's a short lived animated series called "Family Dog" originally aired in 1987, I have 3 parts here. Great animation and character stuff in this. Thought I would share.

There were 10 episodes created from what I understand.
Family Dog Episode Guide:
Show Dog
Hot Dog at the Zoo
Doggone Girl is Mine
Enemy Dog
Eye on the Sparrow
Call of the Mild
Dog Days of Summer
Party Animal
Family Dog Gets Good and Sick
Family Dog Goes Homeless

Production Notes:
Executive Producers - Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, and Dennis Klein

Producer - Chuck Richardson

Directed by Chris Buck

Casting: Robert Litvak

Family Dog created by Brad Bird

Family Dog theme composed and conducted by Danny Elfman

Additional music composed by Steve Bartek

Supervising Producer: Stephen Hodgins

Line Producer: Heather Walker

Production Managers: Peggy Regan, Steve Chadwick, Carolyn Walters

Administrative Executive: Thad Weinlein

Art Directors: David Cutler, Kim Cleary

Models: Vicky Scott, Matthew Bates, Sandy Kopitopoulos, Trish Burgio, Christi West

Color Models: Bridget Stother, Jill Sturdivant

Backgrounds: Al Budnick, Larry Grossman, Jeff Riche, Don Watson

Layout Supervisors: Guy Vasilovich, Dave Pemberton

Layout: Gay Lawrence - Ventura, Valerio Lawrence - Ventura

Supervising Animators: Klay R. Hall, Ron Hughart, Becky Bristow

Supervising Post Production Editor: Rob Kirkpatrick

Post Production Manager: Lan Lamon

Picture Editor: Evan Landis

Supervising Sound Editor: Mac Holyoke

Assistant Picture Editor: Mhairi Kerr

Pre-production Editor: Darrell MacDonald

Breakdown Editors: Rick Dubiel, Ken Hurlbut, Terry Capter, Fred Spek, Steve Schnier

Dialogue Editors: Keith Traver, Annellie Samuel, Mark Grosicki, Chris Harris

Sound Effects Editors: John Baktis, Glenn Barna, Eric Mattar-Hurlbut

Music Editors: Stephen Hudecki, Peter Branton

Re-recording Engineer: Tony van den Akker

Negative Cutting Services: Catherine Rankin Productions

Laboratory Services: Interlock, Magnetic North, Multitrack Digital Inc., The Filmhouse Group

Additional Production Facility: Wang Film Production Co. Inc.


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