MTV ASIA Codehunters

CodeHunters MTV Asia

Here's a cool short I found called Codehunters done for MTV Asia and used on the MTV Asia video awards show. The style is reminiscent of Gorillaz GORILLAZ.COM music videos + There is a great article about it @ CGSOCIETY ARTICLE ON CODEHUNTERS Let me know your thoughts.

Production Notes:
Project: Codehunters
Client: MTV Asia
Production: Blinkink
Production director/editor: Ben Hibon
Producer: Bart Yates
3D animation: Axis Animation
TD: Stuart Aitken
Executive producers: Imke Ferhmann, Richard Scott
Development producer: Sam McCarthy
Line producers: Laura Seymour, Tracey Paddison
Modellers: Serge Caires, Ray Slattery, Mark Brumby, Franco Bresciani, Ian Brown, Graham McKenna, Jan Almqvist, Dave Cleland
Rigger & TD: Jakub Krompolc, Franco Bresciani
Animators: Cath Brooks, Joe Smith, Steve Townrow, Karin Mattson, Jan Almqvist
Compositing: Graham McKenna, John Barclay, Sergio Caires, Carlos Corriera, Nuno Conceicao
Post production: The Mill
Music score: Joris deMan


Jeremy Canton said...

That was SO cool. I knew from the intro credits that it would be good - talk about original. Nice find.